Tracey's Family Music Academy

Ukulele Lessons


This is not a Music Together® option, but rather a class that Tracey has created for students who are ready for more formal instrument instruction.  The ukulele is a fun instrument that is great for beginners. 

Group lessons have been availabe but are currently suspended due to COVID-19 closures. During group lesson class your child whas the opportunity to learn basic music theory, play music games with their friends and, of course, learn all about the ukulele!

Tuition for a 10 week semester of private lessons is $150.00 

Group lessons, when availabe are $120.


NOW OFFERING: 4 week "fast track" lessons for adult beginners.  These group lessons will take place on Zoom. Only $50 for 4 weeks of lesson plus a download of 12 songs.


Purchasing an Instrument

You will need to purchase a soprano or concert sized ukulele.  There are many articles that can help inform you in your purchase. It is important to purchase an instrument that is quality enough to stay in tune and be more than a toy.  For beginners, a general rule of thumb is to pay at least $40-$50.  An instrument in this price range will be good enough for beginning lessons and it will give your child the opportunity to decide if the ukulele is an instrument that they would like to stay with long term.  If you find a ukulele in a superstore, you are most likely buying a toy rather than a musical instrument.I have found that the Mankala Shark is a consistently good instrument for kids.

Here are two links that I found helpful if you are looking for a beginner instrument:


If you are more interested in a moderate priced instrument that is a step up from a beginners uke or if your child is ready to move up a level in instrument quality, you will be looking at spending around $80-$140.  I played on an instrument in this price range for about eight years before I upgraded. Two brands that I have played on and can recommend are Lanikai and Kala. They often have these brands at guitar stores such as Guitar Center and they can also be bought on-line.  Remember, you are looking for a Soprano or Concert ukulele.


You will need a way to tune yoru unstrument.  You an purchase a tuner or download an app for your phone.

There will also be a $15 lesson book fee that can be paid at the first lesson. 

Get ready to have some fun!