Our Teacher

Meet Miss Tracey

“Miss Tracey” (aka Tracey Weirich) is a certified Music Together® teacher, having achieved the highest level of Music Together training - certification 2. Tracey has been teaching Music Together since 2010 and also teaches children with special needs for Elkhart Community schools. Tracey has degrees in both music education and special education and she is ready to share her love for family music with you. Tracey is also committed to Elkhart and proudly offers her classes in the heart of the city.

In addition to Music Together ® Mixed-Age Family and Rhythm Kids classes, Tracey also offers ukulele group lessons.

photo Tracey Weirich

Tracey loves music and understands that music is for everyone, not just for professional performers. She is a career teacher and loves to inspire others to try new things, have fun, learn and grow in a comfortable and rich environment. In addition to teaching, Tracey is the principal tuba player for the Elkhart County Symphony Orchestra. In her spare time she enjoys playing with yarn and even has an etsy shop called TRWtreasures. Tracey loves to travel with her husband, Kyle, and her two adult daughters, Carol and Lauren.

Teaching at Prairie Street Mennonite Church is an intentional decision for Tracey. Besides being a member of the congregation, Tracey and Kyle are committed to bringing great activities and excellece to downtown Elkhart. If you meet a member of PSMC, thank them for their hospitality! They too take pleasure in their building being used for the growth and development of children and families. If you love making music with Tracey, you can usually find her at PSMC on a Sunday morning playing drums, bass, guitar, shaking a tambourine and SINGING. No matter who you are or what you believe, you are always welcome at PSMC.