Ukulele private lessons

Tracey Weirich
on-line option (location map)
Thursday, TBA
04/12/21 - 06/10/21 (9 weeks)


Tracey is currently offering private ukulele lessons for kids and adults ages 6-100.  Due to COVID resrictions, Zoom meetings will be used for all lessons. Each lesson lasts 25-30 minutes each week.  Semesters will last 10 weeks.  Lesson availability is limited.


You will need a ukulele.  I recommend a ukulele in the $60-100 range.  Kala and Laniki brands can be trusted.  Also, for children the shark Makala brand is very good.  All students will need a method book which I will supply to you for $15.00.  You will need a way to tune yoru instrument. Inexpensive tuners are available on-line or you can find a tuning app for your phone.

Upcoming Meetings
04/15/21    TBA Thursday 04/15/21 TBA
04/22/21    TBA Thursday 04/22/21 TBA
04/29/21    TBA Thursday 04/29/21 TBA
05/06/21    TBA Thursday 05/06/21 TBA
05/13/21    TBA Thursday 05/13/21 TBA
05/20/21    TBA Thursday 05/20/21 TBA
05/27/21    TBA Thursday 05/27/21 TBA
06/03/21    TBA Thursday 06/03/21 TBA
06/10/21    TBA Thursday 06/10/21 TBA