Music Together® Online (Pre-recorded)

Tracey Weirich
on-line option (location map)
Sunday, TBA
09/13/20 - 11/01/20 (8 weeks)


Music Together now offers an on-line option. If you are more comfortable making music at home, this option is for you.  There are many reasons to choose this option but it was created during COVID-19 quarentine and is especially nice for families who are contonuing to social distance for health reasons.  Remember that online music making includes you  as your child's most important teacher. This class is not meant for your child to sit in front of a screen but rather a safe way for a music specialist to teach parents how to be musical with their children. Currently offering Zoom classes and pre recorded videos.

Upcoming Meetings
09/27/20    TBA Sunday 09/27/20 TBA
10/04/20    TBA Sunday 10/04/20 TBA
10/11/20    TBA Sunday 10/11/20 TBA
10/18/20    TBA Sunday 10/18/20 TBA
10/25/20    TBA Sunday 10/25/20 TBA
11/01/20    TBA Sunday 11/01/20 TBA