Rhythm Kids on-line: Level 2

Tracey Weirich
on-line option (location map)
Tue, Fri, TBA
06/30/20 - 08/07/20 (6 weeks)


Rhythm Kids Online is a way to sing, dance, play musical games and learn about playing the djembe while at a safe socail distance. Class time will be via ZOOM for 30 minutes 1x a week plus a suplimental video by Miss Tracey. In addition to being together you will recieve drumming tuorials by Mr. Tom Foote, the founder and creator of Rhythm Kids.  

Upcoming Meetings
07/07/20    TBA Tuesday 07/07/20 TBA
07/10/20    TBA Friday 07/10/20 TBA
07/14/20    TBA Tuesday 07/14/20 TBA
07/17/20    TBA Friday 07/17/20 TBA
07/21/20    TBA Tuesday 07/21/20 TBA
07/24/20    TBA Friday 07/24/20 TBA
07/28/20    TBA Tuesday 07/28/20 TBA
07/31/20    TBA Friday 07/31/20 TBA
08/04/20    TBA Tuesday 08/04/20 TBA
08/07/20    TBA Friday 08/07/20 TBA